HawkEye Technology establishes Southeast University-HawkEye Joint Vehicle Electronic Technology Rese

In July,2015, Southeast University-HawkEyeJointVehicle Electronic TechnologyResearch Center establishedby HawkEye Technology Co., Ltd. andState Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave, Southeast University was launched, which marks the official startof China’s first industrialized vehicle autopilot system project.

Vehicle autopilot system mainly uses videocameras, radar sensors, and laser range finder to know about the surrounding trafficsituation, and make an intelligent recognition ofthe surroundingenvironment througha detailed data center, with radar sensor as the corecomponent. Southeast University-HawkEyeVehicleElectronic Technology Research Center, based on the 77Gmillimeter-wave radar technology of State KeyMillimeter Waves Laboratory, studies and develops China’s firstindustrialized vehicle autopilot system project. The system will fill thedomestic blank and its cost is expected to be within 1000 RMB, whosecompetitiveness can be far ahead of Google and other international companies.