Changjiang Securities Organizes Several Fund Companies To Visit HawkEye Technology

On March 31, 2016, 27 leaders from Changjiang Securities, China Post Fund, Tianhong Asset Management, and Guotai Asset Management accompanied by General Manager Mr Shi Xuesong, Technical Director Mr Chenhao and Dr. Zhanghui of Joint Research Center paid a visit to

HawkEye Technology.

Mr Shi Xuesong made a detailed introduction to the company profile, millimeter-wave industry background and prospect, and application differences of all kinds of vehicle-mounted sensors. And then Dr. Zhanghui accompanied these leaders to visit State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave in Southeast University (including Millimeter Wave Laboratory, RF Laboratory, Antenna Laboratory, Terahertz Laboratory, Vehicle Electronics Laboratory, Far Field Chamber and Near Field Chamber, etc.), showing them our company’s advanced experimental testing equipment.