Research Project

1.Research and Application of Vehicle-mounted Millimeter-wave Radar Technology

2.A Study of Vehicle-mounted Millimeter-wave Radar Antenna Based on Middle &Long Distance

3.Effect of W-band Millimeter Wave on Radiation of  Windscreen

4.Effect of W-band Millimeter Wave on Penetrability of  Objects

5.A Study of New Millimeter-wave Chip Bonding Technology

6.A Study of Millimeter-wave Radar Imaging Technology

7.A Study of Millimeter Wave MIMO Radar Technology

8.A Study of Millimeter-wave Radar Target Distinguishability Based on DBF

9.A Study of Information Fusion Based on Millimeter-wave Radar and Camera Sensor

10.A Study of Millimeter-wave Radar Anti-interference System Based on FMCW