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Thanks for your attention. If you are interested in the following positions like RF (radio frequency) engineer, radar signal processing engineer, embedded hardware development engineer, antenna design engineer and android engineer, please indicate the position you apply for in your resume and send it to, and we will contact you in time.

Job Description

1. RF (radio frequency) engineer


1. Take responsibility for product RF research and development and participate in RF unit circuit design;

2. Assist RF evaluation of external research products;

3. Evaluate RF project;

4. Deal with the faults and problems in product design and production;

5. Participate in formulating product indexes and production test specification;


1. Graduate at least with Master degree majoring in communication, antenna, Microwave or other relevant specialties;

2. Familiar with RF circuit design and testing; having in-depth-knowledge of RF module and radar technology and familiarity with radar system and circuit are preferred;

3. Excellent hands-on ability and practical capacity;

4. Good communication skills and strong team spirit.

2. Radar signal processing engineer


1. Write and optimize basic algorithm for radar baseband signal processing;

2. Design and write product test cases;

3. Compile product technical specifications.


1. Familiar with basic DSP algorithm;

2. Prior experience in vehicle-mounted radar signal processing is preferred;

3. Good communication skills and strong team spirit;

4. Graduate at least with Master degree majoring in signal processing and other relevant specialties.

3. Embedded hardware development engineer


1. Develop embedded hardware development;

2. Participate in research projects, write and maintain development documentation;

3. Determine product test cases;

4. Formulate product technical specifications.


1. Familiar with digital circuit and analog circuit;

2. Familiar with embedded hardware circuit design and testing;

3. Prior experience in developing vehicle-mounted products and specific products is preferred;

4. Graduate at least with Master degree majoring in circuit, wireless, communication and other relevant specialties.

4. Antenna design engineer


1. Responsible for antenna design and simulation;

2. Determine product test cases;

3. Adjust and optimize antenna scheme;


1. Better basic knowledge of Microwave;

2. Familiar with W-band antenna design and simulation;

3. Good communication skills and strong team spirit;

4. Graduate at least with Master degree majoring in Microwave, antenna and other relevant specialties.

5. Android engineer


1. Strong C/C++or JAVA programming skills, experience in multi-processes or multi-threading programming;

2. Familiar with design patterns, able to use uml to do demand analysis and program design;

3. Familiar with android component programming, component life cycle, service programming, android broadcast mechanism and data storage mechanism;

4. Experience in android app programming, ability to independently complete android UI design, prior experience in android camera and video processing programming (like opencv) is preferred;

5. Prior experience in ADAS is preferred.

Our offer

We offer you a competitive salary and good welfare, including meal allowance, transportation allowance, communication allowance, physical examination, fresh ground coffee, afternoon tea, dinner party, team activities, travel, and festival benefits, etc. In addition, you can enjoy five social insurance and one house funding, two days off, annual leave and statutory holidays.