About Us

HawkEyeTechnology Co., Ltd., with the initial registered capital of 30,000,000 RMB,was founded in April 2015.

HawkEyeTechnology is located in Wireless Valley ofChina, the national communication and network industry innovation base jointlybuilt by ministry of science and technology, ministry of education and thegovernment of Jiangsu province.

HawkEyeTechnology, relying on State Key Laboratoryof Millimeter Waves, Southeast University, was founded by a number of leadersfrom

vehicle-mounted electronics industry.

HawkEyeTechnology focuses on research and application of 77 GHz vehicle-mountedmillimeter-wave radar technology and devotes to developing vehicle activesafety driving system and driver assistance system, which aims to provide safeand reliable driving safety assistance for vehicle owners in the globe and helpthem to better enjoy the convenient life that vehicle brings.